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Follow Trevor Krueger on Twitter

I guess it's time we really started to embrace Twitter by reaching out to the twitterati, tempting them to join us here on Big Ear Radio. I mean, we don't just want anyone listening - of course, only the best type of listeners will do, people who like a friendly station, great presenters, superb music, real vision, a genuine...


Britain, is in mourning

Queen Elizabeth II, has died at the age of 96, on the afternoon of the 8th of September 2022.  She died peacefully with all her family around her, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, her favourite home and the place where she was said to be the happiest.  She reigned over Britain and the Commonwealth...


BSL on course to feature in British school curriculum at GCSE level

Caring for everyone As a radio station serving everyone, but with a special focus on the needs of those living with a disability or disadvantage, we are constantly working to ensure no one is left un-catered for. To this end, we are particularly aware of our responsibility to the deaf and hearing impaired, not always easy to support through radio broadcasts...


When all you can do is wait...

The future is looking SO exciting... we can't wait to get really stuck into it. But, we are still waiting for our charitable registration to be completed... and the wait seems endless. Crawling when we should be flying Every week Big Ear Radio continues to put out at least 20 hours of new listening content, that takes a lot of time and...


Software crash hits 2 Chart Shows and News & Update

48 hours of investigation fails to unearth software glitch This weekend Big Ear has been hit with the most frustrating software failure it's ever seen. Normally faultless and reliable, our recording and editing software is having a tantrum! For the last 48 hours we have been doing everything possible, both at this end and with the suppliers technicians, even downloading new...


Big Ear Radio Charity Registration Imminent

After 20 weeks of waiting patiently the long anticipated call finally came form the Charity Commission - and the news was good! Once we have made and submitted some simple textual amendments to our constitution, the Charity Commission will grant our registration and issue us with the all important number and documents we need to move forward. Fund raising can finally...


Big Ear Radio seeks volunteer Presenters

Could you be who we are looking for? Big Ear Radio is getting ready for expansion, so we're looking for new team members. Radio offers a great opportunity to bring so much to your life. Apart from becoming known and loved by our listeners, you'll find it really stretches your talents in all directions, probably more than they've been stretched for...


Trevor Krueger Folk Show plays Uri Geller's National Anthem

Something amazing happened on the Trevor Krueger Folk Show this week, we played a new piece of music by World famous Mystic and Guru - Uri Geller. It was the national anthem for Lamb Island, performed by Uri Geller himself, Lamb Island is Uri's new micro-nation. Uri is now offering everyone a very special opportunity - to become a certificated...