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Our Search For Elusive Sponsor Continues

In these tough times finding the right partner for a charitable venture is quite a challenge to say the least, however, we are confident that  the right partner is out there somewhere, we just haven't connected with them - yet. On the bright side we do now have an excellent relationship with a wonderful organisation whose objective it is to...


We are now inviting you to support Big Ear Radio via PayPal

Equal Ability Radio is a charity dedicated to supporting the disabled and disadvantaged within society in as many ways as it can. By providing news and coverage of needs and achievements, relevant program content, associated support and opportunities and, eventually, financial aid and mobility equipment etc, where it's most needed. Your support is incredibly important We will of course eventually be...

Trevor Krueger

Building the Brand Interrupts Broadcasts

Equal Ability Radio's Broadcast Station "Big Ear Radio" is gathering pace as it reaches more listeners and strives to develop new content in readiness for the transfer to live broadcasts. Something has to go - so we can grow. Founder, Trevor Krueger, normally presents three hours of new shows each week featuring Acoustic, Folk and Indie Music from around the World,...

Sean Courtney

Sean Courtney joins the Big Ear Radio team

We've been testing out the net-waves with a great variety of, mainly music, shows prior to going live, and have enjoyed adding more talk shows over recent months as we begin to introduce a broader banquet of what's to come. Now... we are delighted to introduce our latest team member, Sean Courtney. He's going to be bringing something very different...


Flu Virus Hits Program Production At Big Ear Radio

The last 10 days has witnessed a "first" at Big Ear Radio's production facility.  Flu and an unspecified and entirely unexpected virus made it impossible to record several of the popular features on our weekly loop. The Trevor Krueger Folk Show, New Moon Rising and the Annette Caster News Bulletins all had to be cut or replaced by repeat episodes...


Our weekly loop upload moves to Sunday evenings

To help us cope with work levels and time restraints, we will be changing our weekly loop upload day to Sundays at 7pm. Everything else stays the same, so keep joining us and sharing the love from us here at Big Ear Radio.


Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At Big Ear Radio we are building a community of program makers and listeners who share our belief in an inclusive culture that encourages, shares and celebrates the diversity of humanity, in all its many different, splendid forms. Bringing together so many different perspectives fuels our innovation and supports our aim to provide a meeting place for people from...


An Appeal to Fund Sewing Machines for Kenya

Equal Ability Radio has been approached by George Osoyu in Kenya to see if we can help supply treadle or electric sewing machines. They need to buy six, costing about £150. Here is what George told us: Meet George Osoyu I...