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Former Presenter Sarah Banham releases new novel

When we first launched Big Ear Radio we were very lucky to have Author and writing consultant Sarah Banham as part of our team, presenting a weekly writing show called "Writers Block". Sarah eventually took a step back from broadcasting to re-devote time to her studies, completing her English Lit Degree and getting back into her real passion - writing...


Progress is always about Swings and Roundabouts!

This week has been one of mainly good news, lots of positive things happening on the future funding front and some excellent progress with our team building. We have quality people joining us all the time and we are going to need them too, Big Ear Radio has a bright and exciting future, we can't wait to tell you...


Equal Ability Radio Presenter Wins Award

Our own Ali Bagley has just won the "Content Writing Coach of the Year Award 2023", as presented by "Business Excellence" for her celebrated writing skills. More evidence, were it needed, that Big Ear Radio is building a great team of Presenters to really support our audience. "Write Up Your Ali" presented by Ali Bagley Ali's show is exclusive to Big...


So, What do people see in radio? Thankfully - nothing!

There's an old gag-line that says... "Oh yes, you have the perfect face for radio!" It's been said to me many times. Do I care? Not a bit! Truth is, I love the fact that radio removes all the barriers that might otherwise prevent "anyone" from discovering their ability to be a true voice for others. If you had an opportunity...


Could you be our leading fund raiser?

Equal Ability Radio is seeking a freelance fund raiser to handle our corporate appeals for sponsorship and donations. Do you have the drive and the contacts? Raising funds for a charity or good cause is a specialised skill to say the least. We need someone who can handle that for us and help us secure the essential initial funding we need...


Sorry, we are not yet accepting grant requests

As we only secured our own charitable registration a few weeks ago, we are surprised to already be receiving applications requesting funding. We are still setting ourselves up We are very sorry but we will not be in a position to fund anyone else for a while yet, we have to fund ourselves first and establish our own offices and broadcast...


Jim Edwards joins Equal Ability Radio as Executive Producer & Content Consultant

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Jim Edwards is officially joining our team of volunteers at Equal Ability Radio, as an Executive Producer and Content Consultant. However, in the interests of full and complete disclosure, he’s actually been working with us for the last two years or more, we just weren’t quite aware of his full background.  Who...


Volunteer Presenters and Show Content Required

2023 is upon us and all attention is now focussed on growth and content. We have secured our charitable registration, have applied for our Bank Account and then... we are off and running! Do you have the right personality and content to bring to Big Ear? Our Presentation Team are obviously incredibly important to our stations future, for they are the...