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New Platform Now Live


The new Big Ear Radio platform is now live and broadcasting in real time. This replaces our previous 20+ hour loop of programs and allows you to tune in to listen to your favourite features at an exact time every day.

10am to 10pm Schedule

Our shows will run from 10am in the morning to 10pm each evening and then repeat the main slots through the night for listeners around the World.

Building an audience

For many months we have been putting out content to build our brand and awareness, we hope the listeners we have attracted will quickly move over to the new link and stay with us. You can always link via this website of course.

New Phone App arriving Soon

As I type this, our engineers are building the new App for you to download to your devices so you can always stay in touch wherever you are. More features than before and ensuring Big Ear Radio is right up there with the best!

Our Official Launch has been moved back to the 18th of March to give us more time to let people know we are coming. Meanwhile we will be fully operational and putting out lots of content as normal, to show we are here for everyone and in "No Way Cliche". Something for everyone and definitely always interesting and ear catching.

Join Us Now!

So please, go and find the new link on our home page on this website and join the growing international Big Ear Radio Family. There's lots to look forward to and enjoy and we don't want you to miss anything...

See you there!