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We're looking for a new Country Music Presenter

Something for everyone The one rule we have for music on Big Ear Radio is that it has to be the best. We have no Playlist rules or guidelines, every presenter is free to play whatever they personally enjoy and think you will also love, enjoy hearing and learning about. For this reason we search for as much new music...


Nigel Waymark's amazing progress

We'll all be seeing less of Nigel and that's great! Regular listeners will know Nigel Waymark's shows very well, his excellent Soul Chart Show and Classic Soul specials which we have featured on Big Ear Radio ever since we launched the station, have been a credit to our line-up and has helped us ensure the very best of music for...


Mike Goss meets the great Jesse Kinch at the Green Note

Regular listeners to Big Ear Radio will already know how much we love and admire the amazing Jesse Kinch and his band. His brother, Rick Jnr, also featured here, plays keys and is himself a maestro.  Hospitalised wife meant Trevor Krueger could not meet up with Jesse Kinch and his family Sadly, Trevor Krueger couldn't attend as a guest on this...

Alex Nie

Alex Nie joins The Big Ear Radio Team

We're delighted to announce the arrival of another new Presenter joining the Big Ear Radio Team.   Our first German team member! Alex Nie is a wheelchair user based in Germany and has been working in different positions related to people with disabilities, until recently, broadcasting in the Middle East.   He has a passion for raising awareness for people...


Our Search For Elusive Sponsor Continues

In these tough times finding the right partner for a charitable venture is quite a challenge to say the least, however, we are confident that  the right partner is out there somewhere, we just haven't connected with them - yet. On the bright side we do now have an excellent relationship with a wonderful organisation whose objective it is to...


We are now inviting you to support Big Ear Radio via PayPal

Equal Ability Radio is a charity dedicated to supporting the disabled and disadvantaged within society in as many ways as it can. By providing news and coverage of needs and achievements, relevant program content, associated support and opportunities and, eventually, financial aid and mobility equipment etc, where it's most needed. Your support is incredibly important We will of course eventually be...

Trevor Krueger

Building the Brand Interrupts Broadcasts

Equal Ability Radio's Broadcast Station "Big Ear Radio" is gathering pace as it reaches more listeners and strives to develop new content in readiness for the transfer to live broadcasts. Something has to go - so we can grow. Founder, Trevor Krueger, normally presents three hours of new shows each week featuring Acoustic, Folk and Indie Music from around the World,...

Sean Courtney

Sean Courtney joins the Big Ear Radio team

We've been testing out the net-waves with a great variety of, mainly music, shows prior to going live, and have enjoyed adding more talk shows over recent months as we begin to introduce a broader banquet of what's to come. Now... we are delighted to introduce our latest team member, Sean Courtney. He's going to be bringing something very different...