Raynor & Cari Celebrate Eurovision
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Raynor & Cari Celebrate Eurovision


It's nearly May and time for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest

Who knew that Raynor and his partner Cari are closet Europhiles?

Certainly not us, but indeed they are and their musical knowledge is extensive and makes for compelling listening.

Now, you may think you know all about the Eurovision Song Contest and that you can recall all the best songs from years gone by, but we can assure you this, first of two specials, will blow you away, even if you are not really a fan...

The playlist is excellent!

Raynor & Cari have selected some excellent songs and, we suspect, that if Raynor and Cari weren't there to remind you where these tracks were first heard, you'd have no idea it was the World's biggest annual song contest. Well, we have to admit there is one song that might give you a clue, namely - "Give That Wolf a Banana"... but even that's better than you'll remember.

In the first show they feature the best songs from 2011-2023  and we urge you not to miss it.

It's playing out several times through the week and is listed as "Special Features", the last airing is on Sunday at 5pm GMT.

Don't miss it, it really is a great show!