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Unifying programs to support improved social integration for the disabled and disadvantaged


Foundation CIO Charity: Registration No: 1201126


The more you listen... the broader your horizons...

"What will probably surprise listeners the most... Is that we sound just like a regular Radio Station."

Our Objectives

Equal Ability Radio has two main objectives;

1. To provide a service that is entirely relevant and supportive to listeners living with disability, their families and carers and anyone with an interest in disability.

2. To impress upon non disabled listeners that a Radio Station staffed mainly by Presenters with disabilities can entertain, inform and amuse just like any other.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage better social integration and remove the misconception that “disabled” has to mean “less able” of fulfilling any task or challenge.

However, our broadcasts will integrate content of greater relevance to our listeners, filling a gap often left by non disabled broadcasters.

"Equal Ability Radio" will play a major role in promoting inclusion and better integration. What could be more important than that?”

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