Our Team of Volunteers is Growing!
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Our Team of Volunteers is Growing!


Volunteers are our life blood!

Since we started Big Ear Radio we've had quite a few faces joining the team.

Some have stayed the full course, some have moved on after getting us off the ground and they've left us a legacy of great shows that we can still run from time to time.

Volunteers really are the essential foundation of everything we do, frankly, we wouldn't survive without them and their selfless sharing of talent and content to entertain our listeners.

Of course, Big Ear Radio is all about "giving" - it's why we exist and all that we stand for. As a commercial trading CEO Charity we are able to create income and then - give it away!

It comes in one door and goes straight out the other

The future will be full of opportunities to support those most in need wherever they may be. We can't wait to do as much good as possible.

But, it's not all about US giving, we need the support of our listeners too and corporations, legacy providers, sponsors, grant makers, advertisers etc. Every penny we can bring in is appreciated and guarded carefully, we don't waste anything!

So, if you'd like to be a part of our organisation in any way, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us with ideas and suggestions and you can make a donation via the website.

Email: bigearradio1@gmail.com

Even just listening helps us, so tune in on your favourite device at: www.bigearradio.com or download our Android App for your phone from Google Play.

Be a part of what we are doing and help us help others - maybe you!