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Mike Goss Back with a new show!


If, like so many, you have missed the latest releases from the world of Smooth Jazz, popping up on Mike Goss's "My Place", you'll be glad to know a new show is now available on the loop this week. It will soon be available on our MixCloud page too so there's no need to miss a moment.

Easing in Gently

After Mike's major Heart Surgery, he's on strict instructions to make a gradual return to normal life - and not rush into it. But, you can't keep a good man down or away from his music forever, so hopefully we'll be seeing a steady succession of shows to enjoy, increasing as the weeks go by.

Drop him a line

Don't forget to drop him a line if you're enjoying the show or have any specific requests, news or new releases to share, he's always happy to hear from listeners...