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Our Search For Elusive Sponsor Continues


In these tough times finding the right partner for a charitable venture is quite a challenge to say the least, however, we are confident that  the right partner is out there somewhere, we just haven't connected with them - yet.

On the bright side we do now have an excellent relationship with a wonderful organisation whose objective it is to pair great ventures with adventurous backers.

Even better than that, they have some amazing ways to make any financial support both safe and rewarding.

I'd love to tell you all about that here, but I'm just a broadcaster, you'd need to speak to the experts who know all about making good investments.

If you are interested in learning more, and a philanthropic company keen to secure the kudos of backing a venture, that exists to make a real difference to the disabled and disadvantaged, please get in touch;

Email me direct and I will make sure you connected with an expert who might just - amaze you.

Trevor Krueger

Email: trevorkrueger@btinternet.com