Mike Goss meets the great Jesse Kinch at the Green Note
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Mike Goss meets the great Jesse Kinch at the Green Note


Regular listeners to Big Ear Radio will already know how much we love and admire the amazing Jesse Kinch and his band. His brother, Rick Jnr, also featured here, plays keys and is himself a maestro. 

Hospitalised wife meant Trevor Krueger could not meet up with Jesse Kinch and his family

Sadly, Trevor Krueger couldn't attend as a guest on this rare evening while Jesse was visiting London with his lovely family, having flown in from his home in New York, to perform for a select audience at the Green Note venue in Camden and fulfil other obligations at Abbey Road Studios.

For those of you who may not know, Jesse started his music career back in his teens, went on to win a major TV Talent contest, (actually smashed it), and was heading for a glorious career when he was struck with Brain Cancer and a life threatening tumour that almost ended his career. 

Jesse Kinch - Music Warrior!

But, Jesse is not one for giving in to the cruel twist of fate, he worked hard to regain his voice and use of his limbs to return to his former glory and his natural home, in front of an audience.

He came back in true style too, performing in front of 10's of thousands of people as a special guest of Josh Groban at a packed concert in New York.

Check out Jesse's music and become a follower

If you don't know Jesse's music - yet, I suggest you check him out on YouTube. Take special care to search out "Preaching Like the Pope" - Jesse's response to the failings of the modern day music industry.

We all love Jesse Kinch here at Big Ear Radio - and we are sure you will love him too.

Mike Goss and Big Ear friends and supporters, Roger and Diana Beckett, had a great night representing the station, sadly for Trevor, he has to wait again - for next time!