Nigel Waymark's amazing progress
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Nigel Waymark's amazing progress


We'll all be seeing less of Nigel and that's great!

Regular listeners will know Nigel Waymark's shows very well, his excellent Soul Chart Show and Classic Soul specials which we have featured on Big Ear Radio ever since we launched the station, have been a credit to our line-up and has helped us ensure the very best of music for everyone listening around the World.

Recently Nigel opted to take some time off while he focused on his health and made sure he was fit for many years to come, after all... Soul music needs Nigel Waymark!

Anyway, part of Nigel's new health regime was to lose some weight and he's certainly done that in great style.

He's done so well he's made us all jealous!

He's lost almost 7 stone and counting!

We think that's absolutely incredible and we really congratulate him on such an amazing effort. Well done Nigel, we are all so proud of you and truly impressed. All Trevor's ever managed to lose is his car keys!

Let's hope Nigel is back with Big Ear soon with some fresh new shows, meanwhile everyone... put that chocolate down and step away from the buns!

Take a tip from Nigel and get with the weight loss program!