We are now inviting you to support Big Ear Radio via PayPal
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We are now inviting you to support Big Ear Radio via PayPal


Equal Ability Radio is a charity dedicated to supporting the disabled and disadvantaged within society in as many ways as it can. By providing news and coverage of needs and achievements, relevant program content, associated support and opportunities and, eventually, financial aid and mobility equipment etc, where it's most needed.

Your support is incredibly important

We will of course eventually be running commercial ads and selling merchandise to cover our own overheads and passing all surplus funds onto our adopted good causes. But we need your support too to make an impact on, potentially, more than a billion people around the world who need help.

Even a small donation is greatly appreciated.

This week we finally launched our donation link via PayPal, you can find it on our HOME page, discreet - but there. 

After establishing our new live broadcast studio facility we will be planning our initial project to get our good work underway, gift packs for the homeless, sleeping rough and enduring the elements. Providing essential basic items to show they are on our radar and cared about. We will be approaching the Prince of Wales to join our campaign, in light of his own personal commitment to end homelessness in the UK. A campaign we were really excited to read about this week.

Please check out the link and give what you can.

We have already seen the donations start to trickle in and we are both excited and extremely grateful. It means that Big Ear is fast achieving its goal to be a major supporter of those in need everywhere, the more you help us, the more we can achieve, the more people are looked after.

Did you find the PayPal link yet?

It's on our home page, there are no limits on how often you use it or how much you donate... you see - we like to help you too! x