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We're so sorry!

Our Emails had a glitch! We only just discovered that we've been having a problem with incoming messages. Basically they've been ending up in a SPAM folder and not reaching our desk. We are so sorry about that and we will be checking on every message awaiting a reply and getting back to you ASAP! Needless to say, as soon as we realised...



  Roland Chesters writes... I have a confession to make.  I was asked to write a piece to mark Disability Pride about a month ago.  And I sat on it.  I prevaricated.  Because I didn’t know what to write.  The concept of ‘disability’ and ‘pride’ was an alien one to me. July is Disability Pride month. But, for me,...

Martin Warrilow

Martin "The Warrior" Warrillow "Stroke Survivor" to join Big Ear Radio

You always hear about life-changing moments? Mine was in 2013. Only 49 years old. Husband. 30 years in journalism. I collapsed while crossing a busy road in Tamworth, with half of my body paralysed; I crawled to the kerb, sparing only seconds from being hit by a passing bus... I'd had a stroke! Stroke is a leading cause of...


Introducing: Flutterby the Butterfly

Big Ear Radio is known as "The Station That Listens to You", why? Let me tell you. Big Ear Radio operates as a Not for Profit Charity. We trade to generate income so we can deliver programs and content to encourage improved social integration, for all living with a disability or a disadvantage. All profits, above our running costs, are distributed...

Annette Caster

Annette Caster our virtual voice with the news

Radio stations need a lot of voices and we are lucky to have so many great volunteer presenters to host our shows, but we always need more. It's also important to have the right voice for each task, not everyone is suited to everything. So, we had to think of a way we could increase our portfolio of voices quickly and...


Jesse Kinch Beats Brain Cancer

Jesse Kinch is a young man with immense talent. His performance on TV Talent Show "Rising Stars" in the U.S. Just a few years ago, saw him win the contest and a recording contract. But, suddenly and from nowhere, he was struck down by Brain Cancer, a large tumour not only threatened his career, but his life. Survival - the...


Practicing what we preach

The entire reasoning behind Big Ear Radio is to encourage real social progress for our listeners living with disabilities and disadvantage. This is as much of a pleasure for us as it is for the people we support. Just recently we have been working with Piers and his P.A. Leah, providing work experience in a Wool and Needlecraft shop. We...


Our Early Day Achievements

Since the beginning of 2019... the USA alone has listened to Big Ear Radio for 1,044,171 minutes... That makes our project relevant I'd say... but this is just a scratch of the surface as we have not done anything much to let anyone know we are even here! While we've been building our team and finding our feet, we've only...