Great News! Equal Ability Radio is now a registered Charity.
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Great News! Equal Ability Radio is now a registered Charity.


At last we made it!

Having applied back in February 2022, our registration as a Foundation CIO Charity is now complete and official.

We have to thank everyone for standing by us, contributing to our content, keeping the faith and propping up morale when it drooped a little. We can now look forward to 2023 and beyond with our heads held high and our hearts held out.

A Big Ear thank you to Robert Halfon MP

Local support is essential from those in power who are able to speak for us when we fail to be heard above the noise. We had no idea why there was such a long delay, no answers were being given by the Charity Commission, so we were very much in the dark. But, our excellent local MP Robert Halfon, stepped up on two occasions to demand updates and get things moving. We owe him a great debt of thanks.

Third Sector Experts - our essential ally

We always knew we would need expert help to navigate the process of registration and we were very lucky to find "Third Sector Experts" headed by Rachael Jones and her team, who chased, advised, monitored and kept us updated all the way. Experts are essential when navigating unfamiliar waters, we really didn't make any errors thanks to their guidance.

Trustees we can trust in

It's lovely to be able to relax in the knowledge that there are strong people standing right behind you watching your back, guiding and reassuring you all the way. Our special thanks go to Paul Beashel and Andrew Thomson who really know their stuff and are always on hand with great advice and a helping hand. Thank you gents!

Now the work really starts!

2023 is going to be exciting and amazing, we will finally be able to begin the next stage of our journey, raising funds, building the studio and broadcasting with a live program schedule.

Bring it on!!