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Meet Noel Cowley


The best part of running Big Ear Radio is that we really are just one big happy family working on the same dream. There are no rogue members who upset the Apple Cart, no awkward personalities who make "going to work" a concern, and that - is a great feeling. We only add team members who are in tune with our ethos and our listeners and we hope that comes across in our programs.

The latest to join us is a great friend who was always on the team - in spirit, he's always supported what we are striving for but didn't quite have the free time get more" hands on".

But, now he has a bit more spare time.

Picking up the reigns

Noel Cowley is not just a great friend, he is also a superb musician and singer songwriter. His talents will dove-tail nicely into the production tasks behind the scenes and really help to lighten the load on Trevor Krueger, turning out the current weekly 20 hour plus loop of content.

This weeks loop was all uploaded by Noel as we acquaint him with the technical procedures involved in making it all happen on line. Soon he will be editing programs and, we hope, maybe even presenting a show or two?

Welcome Noel!

It's really great to have someone to share the technical side of the operation and it will free up time for Trevor to get on with the many other aspects of building the Big Ear! 

Keep your ears open for Noel, a very modest and lovely guy you will come to love as much as we do...