Ali Bagley joins the Big Ear Radio broadcast team
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Ali Bagley joins the Big Ear Radio broadcast team

Ali Bagley

We are very proud to announce that the much admired, Ali Bagley, is to join the Big Ear Radio family of broadcasters as our creative writing mentor.

Creative writing is a such a wonderful and fulfilling pursuit and we are delighted to have secured such an expert mentor for our listeners.

Ali is a business writers coach, best selling author and Mater Geographer of Emotions. Everything that's needed to inspire, shape and develop would-be writers to be the best they can be.

We all have a book inside us - just waiting to come out.

And if that's been your belief then Ali will be here to help you organise your thoughts, ready to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

Ali is the lead coach at Ali Bagley Coaching where she specialises in helping writers to grow their business using the written word in everything from their posts to their book. She works with her clients to develop their courses, create content for blogs and other Social Media and how to blueprint their book. For business owners she helps to build a practical and resilient foundation in all aspects of business to save time, money and stress, smashing through those barriers to success and developing the awesome motivation needed to succeed. The ultimate goal being to release people to reach their full potential as writer / author / business owner.

Ali's new show will be fascinating and full of great things to learn and grow from.

As a Geographer of Emotions:

She will take you on a journey along the river of your life through the methodology of emotional mapping. You will learn how to identify your strengths, see what you really want in life and how to make the changes necessary to grow and develop towards your ideal future.

Ali's new show will be called; "Write Up Your Ali" and starts soon on Big Ear Radio.

Don't miss it!