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XLN Telecom - Sharp Practice Exploits Customers


Big Ear Radio Founder Trevor Krueger is currently warning small companies of the sharp practice methods of XLN Telecom, based on his own experience.

We're here to help protect everyone, even our own

An essential initial funder, of Equal Ability Radio, and the family business of Charity CEO Trevor Krueger, is being pursued for a small amount of money "allegedly" owed to the Telecoms provider based on a technicality in their service contract that requires any client, who has contacted XLN to terminate a service provider agreement with immediate effect, to cancel a second time with instructions of "how" the contract should be terminated? A demand easily missed and, if not effected, leaving the customer liable for more fees, effectively for nothing.

Despite a long dispute over this "claimed debt" XLN Telecom are still threatening action against the small company, even though it owes nothing for goods or services, it's only "crime" to have missed this trip-wire requirement in the contract.

Big Ear aims to stand up for the little guys!

Naturally all efforts are being made in regard to justice on behalf of the customer and the services of the Telecoms Ombudsman and Office of Fair Trading are being initiated.

Meanwhile, it seems only right to warn current or potential customers of this clause in the XLN Telecom contract, so that they may avoid being caught out by the same XLN Telecom charge for nothing.

Are you being exploited by a big corporation?

Big Ear Radio is always here to assist in raising awareness of any situation or corporate practice that may place our listeners and supporters at risk.

Important Update:

Since this post there has been ongoing communication with XLN Telecom and they have offered, and we have accepted, a complete cancelation of the implied debt.

We thank them for their cooperation on behalf of the family business, but restate our reminder that it always pays to read the Small Print before signing any agreement.