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When all you can do is wait...


The future is looking SO exciting... we can't wait to get really stuck into it.

But, we are still waiting for our charitable registration to be completed... and the wait seems endless.

Crawling when we should be flying

Every week Big Ear Radio continues to put out at least 20 hours of new listening content, that takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention dedication. Everything we achieve is down to the hard work of our passionate and determined team of creatives, both in the UK and USA, diligently Beavering away week after we to ensure we are always able to deliver the great shows we are known for - and we all love doing it.

But we are all working with minimal resources and from facilities that keep us fractured and making-do. We really need our studio, fully equipped and spacious, with room to work together, share the load, develop ideas and maximise our team potential.

The one that got away

This week we found the perfect premises for our new studio to be based in. Smart, the right size, modern, secure, good parking, perfect location etc. It was exactly what we are looking for. Sadly, we couldn't take it - because we aren't yet funded. It was heart breaking to miss out on the ideal home for Big Ear Radio.

Hopefully we'll get our registration sorted out soon and we'll be able to pursue major sponsors that will finally enable us to fly and move forward.

It's really frustrating being held back when we are desperate to fulfil our potential, but without funding - we have no choice.

Maybe you could help change the future for us?