We're so sorry!
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We're so sorry!


Our Emails had a glitch!

We only just discovered that we've been having a problem with incoming messages.

Basically they've been ending up in a SPAM folder and not reaching our desk.

We are so sorry about that and we will be checking on every message awaiting a reply and getting back to you ASAP!

Needless to say, as soon as we realised there was a problem we set our best operative on the case to resolve it. As you can see there are plenty of tools to use but the best one in the box is "common sense"... we'll be using a lot more of that in future!

We only employ the best!

This little chap is a Doozer. You might remember them from Fraggle Rock. Well, when the TV series ended they were all looking for work, so we took on a few here at Big Ear Radio.

When they are not in the canteen drinking hot chocolate and comparing their problem solving brilliance, they actually do a very good job of keeping us going.

Thank you Doozers, there will be extra Jelly Babies in your pay packet this week.