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Volunteer Presenters and Show Content Required


2023 is upon us and all attention is now focussed on growth and content. We have secured our charitable registration, have applied for our Bank Account and then... we are off and running!

Do you have the right personality and content to bring to Big Ear?

Our Presentation Team are obviously incredibly important to our stations future, for they are the public image of all we stand for and seek to achieve, as we work to promote tho global social integration of all living with disability or disadvantage. 

Can you speak up for peoples rights while entertaining our listeners?

We have a global community to cater for, an endless variety of topics and situations to cover and we need to do that in a compassionate yet hard hitting way. We also need to ensure that our station appeals to everyone so, to all intents and purposes, we are a regular station with general appeal, yet including more content and focus on those we seek to serve.

So if you are passionate about promoting genuine equality on every level, standing up for those who may be being held back and exposing the perpetrators of abuse, exploitation or exclusion etc, you could be just who we are looking for as a Presenter on Big Ear Radio.

The position is voluntary but a great opportunity to make a difference and enter the industry.

If you'd like to know more or book a conversation, contact Trevor Krueger via email address: bigearradio1@gmail.com