Trevor Krueger Folk Show plays Uri Geller's National Anthem
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Trevor Krueger Folk Show plays Uri Geller's National Anthem


Something amazing happened on the Trevor Krueger Folk Show this week, we played a new piece of music by World famous Mystic and Guru - Uri Geller. It was the national anthem for Lamb Island, performed by Uri Geller himself, Lamb Island is Uri's new micro-nation.

Uri is now offering everyone a very special opportunity - to become a certificated citizen.

Become a Citizen of Uri Geller's Micro-Nation

For just one dollar you can become a citizen of Lamb Island, just off the coast of Scotland. The island isn't quite big enough to live on, unless you are one of the thousands of wild birds who got there first, but by becoming a citizen you will be supporting a great cause.

Support Youths with Heart Disease

Uri is pledging that all the money raised from this great fun opportunity will help fund medical care for youths with Heart Disease and you'll be in great company too. Uri, being the icon that he is, has already attracted a lot of attention and some well known residents, to get things started.

Celebrities join the rush to become citizens of Uri's Micro-Nation.

So far, we understand that both Stephen Fry and Peter Andre have become citizens and... Tom Cruise, amongst others, is waiting in the wings! And talking of wings... Uri plans his own national football team!

If you want to become a citizen, get yourself to right now.