The essential role of Equal Ability Radio
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The essential role of Equal Ability Radio


We are often asked to sum up what Equal Ability Radio / Big Ear is all about? Well in simple terms we are about providing great entertainment as a commercial radio station and then, giving away all our profits to support good causes related to disability and disadvantage.

Is that it?

Not quite, because amidst the great music, friendly presenters and timeless content, we also include lots of really useful news, information and solid advice. We aim to help our listeners find solutions to their life problems, new opportunities, employment, education and much more.

Are you included in our target audience?

Absolutely, it doesn't matter who you are, where you are from or how you live your life. Our purpose is to encourage one unified all inclusive global society of like-mined peace loving people who just want to get along and share life on Earth together.

We are here to encourage good people to help each other and turn their back on those who would do us harm.

Live, love and - be happy!

Join us, make us your go-to station and tell your friends about us too.