The Charity Commission - Failing in it's duties
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The Charity Commission - Failing in it's duties


Setting up a new charity is expected to be a precise and well regulated process, such things take time, that is only to be expected. What used to apparently take around 4 weeks is now expected to take 16 - 20 weeks. Quite a difference - but tolerable to a point.

Incompetent or under funded?

At the time of writing we have just reached the 20 week anniversary of our application being submitted. The C.C. makes it very clear that they won't offer updates on progress or receive requests for information or expected dates of completion of any application at any stage. But, imagine our frustration when, so frustrated at no news at all for months, we finally insisted the agency handling our application should push for news on our position.

Not good news

Our agents were told that our application had not yet even been allocated to anyone in the C.C. office for processing, after 20 weeks of patient waiting that is just unacceptable. By now we should be receiving notice of our registration and thus able to start our fund raising campaigns to enable our studio development and live broadcasts to begin.

Further action

Rest assured we are not going to sit back and just wait in the dark for someone to process our now urgent application. The C.C. blame under funding and low staff levels for the delays, but that's not our problem, we expect and want a much better service. Rest assured we are taking steps to pursue that with immediate effect.