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Software crash hits 2 Chart Shows and News & Update


48 hours of investigation fails to unearth software glitch

This weekend Big Ear has been hit with the most frustrating software failure it's ever seen. Normally faultless and reliable, our recording and editing software is having a tantrum!

For the last 48 hours we have been doing everything possible, both at this end and with the suppliers technicians, even downloading new replacement software - but amazingly no resolution to the crash has yet been found.

We're still working on it!

Of course we are continuing to investigate and will do so until we solve the issue, but for now we are missing the Pop Chart Show and the ever popular Soul Chart Show, plus - the News with Annette Caster and Trevor Krueger's own Folk & Acoustic Show. We have been able to replay an earlier Folk Show to keep things as fresh as possible for the time being

As soon as we find a solution we will update our current loop to include these popular shows, meanwhile everything is there as normal plus a few extra shows to top up the variety.

We are of course, very sorry, but it's just one of those annoying things sent to frustrate us. 

There are still plenty of great new regular shows to enjoy!

And, sine we posted the above, the situation has been resolved and all of this weeks shows are now available on the loop. Software problems still persist but the experts are working on it, so let's hope we are all sorted in time for the next upload...