So, What do people see in radio? Thankfully - nothing!
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So, What do people see in radio? Thankfully - nothing!


There's an old gag-line that says... "Oh yes, you have the perfect face for radio!" It's been said to me many times. Do I care? Not a bit!

Truth is, I love the fact that radio removes all the barriers that might otherwise prevent "anyone" from discovering their ability to be a true voice for others.

If you had an opportunity to be on the radio, what would you like to do?

Whether presenting a music show, reading the news, narrating a documentary or book, or even giving a lesson on how to do something, as long as you feel confident and have a reasonable tone, there is no reason why anyone can't fulfill an ambition to be a broadcaster.

When I started, I had no experience of operating a studio or talking to an untold number of listeners "live on air", but I took to it very quickly and instantly loved it. My years as a salesman and retailer had taught me how to think on my feet, always having a line to deliver and the confidence to speak with friendly authority - about almost anything.

I have often told the story of what inspired me to get involved in radio in the first place... Only after hearing an excellent presenter on the local station I volunteered for, did I learn that he used the same studio as I did, but he had one extra piece of equipment - a speaking clock - which he could tap to get the time. Why did he need this item? Because he was totally blind and severely autistic. Yet his program was slick, bright and entertaining. I am certain that the majority of listeners had no idea of his condition, they just loved the show.

How will you ever know what you are capable of - if you don't try?

So, I had to give it a go. The only advice I was given, beyond the basics of flying the desk completely solo, was to place my coat on the back of the chair opposite me - and address all my words to it, as if I were talking to a friend right next to me, and... it worked. Radio is, after all, just about communicating with the listener, so that's all you have to do, is have a conversation - with a friend.

I have a small studio in my home so I record my shows there and I can do whatever it takes to feel relaxed and in the best state of mind to chat to my listener friends.

As you'll see from the picture I always dress appropriately for the superhuman task ahead, especially when it's as cold as it has been and we are all trying to keep the heating down one extra notch on the thermostat. It also helps if you don't take yourself too seriously for the lighter programs.

Think you could be one of the extra team voices we are looking for?

If you think you could be an asset to Big Ear Radio, why don't you get in touch? 

There's only one absolute rule.... leave your Kryptonite at home!