Merry Christmas to all our listeners from us all at Big Ear Radio
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Merry Christmas to all our listeners from us all at Big Ear Radio


Happy Christmas everyone!

We hope that wherever you are, and whoever you are with, you are safe, warm, fed and happy. 

Of course that won't be the case for millions and that is a situation we must all work together to change.

Christmas is a great reminder of what life should be all about. Family, togetherness, giving, sharing and caring for each other. Sadly, millions of the people in the World are having that taken from them, leaving them desperate and hopeless. That is not acceptable.

Change is long overdue.

Humanity can only blame itself. Perhaps the majority of us have become too self focused, selfish and greedy to care about who we are as a species. This allows, those who would control us, to gain ground and take control while we feebly focus on ourselves. We must wake up and stop that from happening. People power is real, we can make changes for the better of all, if we stand united. That probably means accepting that we have to take some of the power back.

Let's remember who we are as individuals.

Politics is promoted as democracy, but is it working? We are still divided into groups and thus set against ourselves. Party Political Democracy, as we know it, may have reached the end of it's useful life. Maybe it's time to fight for a new system where those who would seek to control the way we live, do so as a true reflection of what we, the masses, really want. Freedom, employment, good health, education, a future to look forward to for our children.

Let the New Year be a time of change, of growth, of re-establishing the rights of the majority to a true equality for all. It's not an unreasonable demand, it's right and just.

Equal Ability Radio exists to try and help those fighting adversity, to level up the playing field so we all have a fighting chance to build good, productive and happy lives.

Let's hope we can all achieve that together - by coming together.

It's time for a new way forward - the party could be over...