Meet our new Philippines Outpost Team Member - Sarah Ismael
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Meet our new Philippines Outpost Team Member - Sarah Ismael

Sarah Ismail

Sarah Ismael joins Equal Ability Radio as Project Supervisor and Researcher

Trevor Krueger has just returned from two weeks of research and relaxation on the Philippine Island of Palawan. Considered a second home by the Equal Ability Radio Founder, the Philippines was naturally in his mind as a nation worthy of our focus when it comes to encouraging and supporting progress deep within the communities.

The Philippines are growing fast, the people are hard working, hungry to grow and progressive in their outlook. Their can-do attitude is always impressive and they have achieved amazing progress in terms of commercial growth and this particular islands infrastructure in recent years.

Positivity & Poverty

But there is an immense chasm between the have's and the have-nots. There are those with lovely homes and modern vehicles, qualifications and careers while many thousands of others still live in the simplest of housing made of Bamboo and Coconut leaves without power or sanitation, working in the plantations and low pay positions, wherever they can find them. Did you know that a Supermarket Staff member only earns around £4 per day?

While not looking for charity, regular people are open to offers of support and opportunity to grow, support and educate their families. Big Ear Radio hopes to develop such opportunities in the near future, offering low cost housing at affordable rates, constructed from recycled plastics and renewable materials. As we all know, good housing is the basis for all forms of life improvement. We also aim to help with medical and disability support where required.

However, we are very conscious of our social responsibility not to enforce or dictate change that is neither appropriate nor wanted, so we have recruited local input to ensure we see everything from a positive and accurate perspective.

Sarah Ismael is a bright multilingual young woman with a hunger for life. She's part of a large family with excellent community knowledge and she currently works as an online representative of a US Real Estate Company. She is excited about what can be done for the people of the Philippines through start-up programs that will eventually self-fund themselves and ripple out across the community. We are already looking into what can be done and have allies lined up to take part.

Would You Like to Help?

As always, Equal Ability Radio is always open to offers of support from all sectors. Sponsors, Architects, Financiers, Social Housing Experts and so on... So, if you have an interest in this area of the World, please get in touch. Sarah and Equal Ability Radio will be delighted to tell you more.