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Martin "The Warrior" Warrillow "Stroke Survivor" to join Big Ear Radio

Martin Warrilow

You always hear about life-changing moments?

Mine was in 2013. Only 49 years old. Husband. 30 years in journalism.

I collapsed while crossing a busy road in Tamworth, with half of my body paralysed; I crawled to the kerb, sparing only seconds from being hit by a passing bus...

I'd had a stroke!

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the UK, attacking one in six people with no warning. I believe I was lucky to have survived!

I personally believe my life-changing stroke was a direct result of working long, unsocial hours in a stressful environment and high-pressure lifestyle.

I am proof that a stroke can happen to anyone at any age...

So what do I do next? Well... I'm on a mission to share my story, educate the importance of a work/life balance and show that my stroke does not define me...

I'll be joining Big Ear Radio to share my ongoing story, "life-change" advice, and insights plus interviews with other Stroke Survivors, top medics and much more.

Monthly features will be added to Big Ear's output in due course along with links to my popular Podcasts.