Jim Edwards joins Equal Ability Radio as Executive Producer & Content Consultant
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Jim Edwards joins Equal Ability Radio as Executive Producer & Content Consultant

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Jim Edwards is officially joining our team of volunteers at Equal Ability Radio, as an Executive Producer and Content Consultant. However, in the interests of full and complete disclosure, he’s actually been working with us for the last two years or more, we just weren’t quite aware of his full background. 

Who knew?

Jim uses a wheelchair for mobility as he’s a quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury at age of 17. We must confess, we had no idea of his condition at all, he was just part of the U.S. family team sending us their weekly Indie Rock Show, “New Music Food Truck”. Jim’s brother Aaron or Cousin Cory presents the show while Jim is the “brains” of the operation, producing the show in the backroom. 

We are delighted we were not aware of the extent of Jim’s condition because that is the entire objective of the station, to present “Equal Ability” in every imaginable way and example the fact that “disability” is no indication whatsoever, of “inability”. Jim had not considered it necessary to detail us about his physical status, as it has no relevance to the job he does and – he's completely right, of course! He is the living embodiment of everything we stand for and believe in here at Big Ear. Every member of our team is treated the same way, equally, and respected for the great work they do. 

A life time of experience

Jim has a college degree in radio with on air presenting and producing experience for over 30 years on 8 stations with formats News/Talk, Variety, Hot and Christian AC, Classic and Active Rock as well as Alternative. He has also won awards for his copywriting and production for both radio advertising and feature shows. 

So, Jim will have a free hand to produce shows for us from his studio at home and will generally oversee content to ensure that what we put out is relevant, factual and of use to our listeners. He will be the much needed “brains” of our operation too! 

So much to look forward to

Watch this space for more news on Jim’s input here at Big Ear and, meanwhile, check out the “New Music Food Truck” with the rest of his team, as it’s always a lively and entertaining listen. You’ll find it on our weekly program loop and on our MixCloud page that enables you to listen again to anything you may have missed. The link is available on our Home Page.