Jesse Kinch Beats Brain Cancer
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Jesse Kinch Beats Brain Cancer


Jesse Kinch is a young man with immense talent. His performance on TV Talent Show "Rising Stars" in the U.S. Just a few years ago, saw him win the contest and a recording contract. But, suddenly and from nowhere, he was struck down by Brain Cancer, a large tumour not only threatened his career, but his life.

Survival - the strongest instinct

Now, just 2 years later, after major surgery, dedicated nursing and intense rehabilitation therapy, he has shown exactly the sort of true life heroism we love here at Big Ear Radio.

The Big Comeback

A man with a great talent, intense love of music and a ferocious zest for life - could simply NOT be beaten by Brain Cancer.

He fought back, won and is planning his first of many live shows as he aims to rebuild his career.

This weekend - Superstar Josh Groban kept a promise to Jessie, upon his recovery. A guest spot sharing his stage in New York. We can't all beat the big "C" but when some do, and with such zeal, we must celebrate them and give much needed hope to others. Well done Jesse!