Introducing: Flutterby the Butterfly
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Introducing: Flutterby the Butterfly


Big Ear Radio is known as "The Station That Listens to You", why? Let me tell you.

Big Ear Radio operates as a Not for Profit Charity. We trade to generate income so we can deliver programs and content to encourage improved social integration, for all living with a disability or a disadvantage.

All profits, above our running costs, are distributed to help as many people as we can, right around the World.

Initially, we are here to entertain everyone, but beyond that, we're here to pass on useful information, celebrate achievements, educate and support our listeners and generally improve life and opportunities for self development - wherever we can.

We aim to provide a unifying platform for all, including the many globally spread charities and NGO's, who also work to support those in need in a wide variety of ways.

In order to do that we need to know what's going on in the World!

How do we encourage information to reach us?

Well, that's where our wonderful Ambassador "Flutterby the Butterfly" comes in.

As you'll see, he's a very beautiful and friendly creature. He's colourful, smiley and equipped with an incredible pair of "Big Ear Wings". He can listen very closely to what's going on, as he flies around the World keeping a caring eye on everyone.

And Flutterby is very much like many of our listeners.

Apart from being very beautiful and kind, he is a creature of colour, is unable to speak and is without arms too. It's just as well his smile is as big as any hug could ever be.

He loves to listen and tell us where the help is needed, so if you see Flutterby, you'll know he's there and listening to you with both Big Ears!

How can you reach Flutterby's Big Ears?

Easy, send him an email, care of: - He's very good at sending replies.

And keep listening to Big Ear Radio, there's always something great to listen to!