Flu Virus Hits Program Production At Big Ear Radio
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Flu Virus Hits Program Production At Big Ear Radio


The last 10 days has witnessed a "first" at Big Ear Radio's production facility. 

Flu and an unspecified and entirely unexpected virus made it impossible to record several of the popular features on our weekly loop. The Trevor Krueger Folk Show, New Moon Rising and the Annette Caster News Bulletins all had to be cut or replaced by repeat episodes until normal service can resume.

Trevor Krueger was himself hit and his wife hospitalised while treatment was administered and the cause determined.

Thankfully, both are now recovering - slowly, but it is still unsure exactly when these popular programs will return with new episodes, while Trevor waits for his voice to fully return.

Thankfully we have hundreds of great shows in the database so we'll never be short of great music for you to enjoy, but this week has underlined the urgency with which we are keen to establish a new studio base and more production staff to share the workload.

The future of Big Ear Radio is looking spectacular and we will be announcing newly joining colleagues very soon, meanwhile we aim to make this temporary interruption to our broadcasts a very rare occurrence in the future.

Wherever possible we believe and stand by the old adage that - the Show Must Go On!