Equal Ability Radio Presenter Wins Award
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Equal Ability Radio Presenter Wins Award


Our own Ali Bagley has just won the "Content Writing Coach of the Year Award 2023", as presented by "Business Excellence" for her celebrated writing skills. More evidence, were it needed, that Big Ear Radio is building a great team of Presenters to really support our audience.

"Write Up Your Ali" presented by Ali Bagley

Ali's show is exclusive to Big Ear Radio and features excellent coaching on all forms of creative writing, from novels to biographies, corporate marketing to training copy. In addition her program features the work by listeners, alongside interviews with the best professional authors, ghost writers and consultants, in the business.

Come and join her...

If you'd like to improve your own writing skills or just catch up on the literary news of the week, come and join Ali Bagley each week, right here, on Big Ear Radio.