Could you be our leading fund raiser?
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Could you be our leading fund raiser?


Equal Ability Radio is seeking a freelance fund raiser to handle our corporate appeals for sponsorship and donations.

Do you have the drive and the contacts?

Raising funds for a charity or good cause is a specialised skill to say the least. We need someone who can handle that for us and help us secure the essential initial funding we need to make the first big step to live broadcasts.

Self sufficiency is our goal

Once we get rolling, we will be self sufficient, bringing in our core overhead costs from our own trading activities. But, initially we need a backer to help us get up and running. We will always be looking for support and sponsorship, but that will mainly be to fund the good causes and needs we aim to support.

Can you fill the post?

The right applicant will be a freelance agent working on a healthy commission based on results. If you are driven by a challenge and the rewards of knowing you are the engine that drives a great cause, please get in touch. Email: