Can you help Annette Caster with her News Reports?
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Can you help Annette Caster with her News Reports?

Annette Caster

Our virtual News Reader, Annette Caster, is looking for help with sourcing news items relating to disability and disadvantage - from personal experiences in your part of the World.

Help us tell the World what's going on

Very often the news we receive through our TV sets and digital devices is from main stream sources that only cover the headline events available to everyone, what we are interested in is what's happening in your everyday life.

What are your experiences?

We have recently covered accounts of how badly travellers with disabilities are often treated by the major airlines. The lack of availability of on-board wheelchairs to assist with visits to the toilet, passengers being left to crawl down the aisle unassisted on their hands and knees, being told to wear nappies on long haul flights etc... real experiences we may never have heard about if not shared by the people affected.

What do you think our listeners should be made aware of?

You are certain to be experiencing many situations every day that deserve exposure or further investigation? So, tell us about it and let's make the World more aware.

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