Big Ear Radio Charity Registration Imminent
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Big Ear Radio Charity Registration Imminent


After 20 weeks of waiting patiently the long anticipated call finally came form the Charity Commission - and the news was good!

Once we have made and submitted some simple textual amendments to our constitution, the Charity Commission will grant our registration and issue us with the all important number and documents we need to move forward.

Fund raising can finally begin

Efforts to raise much needed funds is always difficult prior to registration, but now that we can offer corporate sponsors all that comes with supporting good causes, we can finally make inroads into fund raising and establishing the studio facilities we so desperately need. Space and equipment is crucial to our expansion and we hope to find that, very soon, in our local Harlow area.

Your support would be very welcome

As you will know, Big Ear Radio aims to be mostly self supportive through the sale of commercial advertising and merchandise, but that only comes once we've sufficiently grown our global audience. So for now we continue to rely on the help of our listeners and supporters to make headway. If you would like to make a donation please let us know and we'll naturally help you all we can. Thank you!

Most importantly

We are making good progress and we are all so excited at the prospect of continuing to deliver great content to our global audience with more enthusiasm than ever. Our team is growing larger, our content expanding and our mission to help those in greatest need is much closer to being served.

Life at Big Ear Radio is good!