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Our Early Day Achievements


Since the beginning of 2019... the USA alone has listened to Big Ear Radio for 1,044,171 minutes... That makes our project relevant I'd say... but this is just a scratch of the surface as we have not done anything much to let anyone know we are even here!

While we've been building our team and finding our feet, we've only presented ourselves to the World via Facebook, LinkedIn and Word-of-Mouth, we have not yet even begun to market ourselves properly to the masses.

So far, 101,019 unique listeners, that's individual people, have each listened multiple times from a mix of 210 countries right around the World.

Big Ear Radio is all over the map, but from these humble beginnings we will rise to much greater heights, especially if you listen regularly and tell your friends about us too.

Big Ear Radio - we're not just "another regular station" - we are the station that listens to you!

The long wait for charitable status


There’s no denying that the road to charitable registration is a long one, full of frustration. What used to take a couple of weeks to complete now takes around 6 months or more, due to the underfunding and workload at the Charities Commission.

We will get there, but in the meantime, we have to constantly find ways to fund ourselves and cover the essential costs that keep us on air. Sponsors and backers are hard to find when we can’t yet offer them the Tax breaks and benefits complete charitable status enables.

Right now, we are offering low-cost ads, while we build the audience, and the production of audible messages for use on social media etc until we can establish and equip our live broadcast studio.
If you’d like to help us, we’d love to hear from you, until then we’ll keep pushing out around 16 hours of new shows per week on the loop. We have a great and growing team so do please listen in.

Hard work – pays off

Roland Chesters

Our newest and much-loved Big Ear Radio team member, Roland Chesters, gave me a bit of a slap in the face this week. He said “Trevor - You talk too much!” Not something a Radio Presenter, is normally accused of... But once the sting had died down, I realised he was absolutely right.

Developing your dream from an idea to reality, takes a lot of hard work, devotion and steel reinforced determination. You get used to “pitching” your plans and points as naturally as breathing. Like a fledgling bird you are desperate to get off the ground and start flying.

Sometimes you are so busy beating your wings you fail to notice you have actually become airborne and, more importantly, are flying in formation with others who think like you. You can now allow yourself to glide and soar a little because you are amongst friends and, when you look down, you suddenly realise how far you have come.

What was once a one-man flight of fancy, is now a team flying the reality.