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Annette Caster our virtual voice with the news

Annette Caster

Radio stations need a lot of voices and we are lucky to have so many great volunteer presenters to host our shows, but we always need more.

It's also important to have the right voice for each task, not everyone is suited to everything.

So, we had to think of a way we could increase our portfolio of voices quickly and efficiently and, at the same time, demonstrate how we can help anyone present a show, even if they are not naturally blessed with a "radio Voice".

Virtual reality saves the day...

We searched for a solution and found just what we needed. Virtual voice software that enables us to turn any text into the spoken word - quickly and efficiently.

The result is "Annette Caster" our lovely News Presenter. Equipped with a great voice, perfect diction and - she works cheap!

With Annette's help we are able to quickly turn any written news text into audio and relay it to listeners on our station. Currently Annette has presented over 60 five minute news bulletins, each containing 3-4 items and these are included on our program loop and updated every Saturday evening.

What we need is more news - from you

If you would like to submit news items for Annette to present, we would love to hear from you.

Simply send us your written copy that will ideally take no more than 2 minutes to read out. We will edit and convert it into a bulletin for Annette to read-out on her show.

If you'd like to send an item in for consideration, contact: Trevor Krueger c/o Email:

We look forward to hearing from - and then you can hear from Annette.

Here's how Annette sounds: