An Appeal to Fund Sewing Machines for Kenya
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An Appeal to Fund Sewing Machines for Kenya

Equal Ability Radio has been approached by George Osoyu in Kenya to see if we can help supply treadle or electric sewing machines. They need to buy six, costing about £150.
Here is what George told us:

Meet George Osoyu

I am George Osoyu, running a project with the aim of supporting both boys and girls to do away with myths and believes about communities and tribes.
The project is called "Kick 4 A Better Life". We use sports to pass the information of Gender equality and women empowerment. We teach and train girls and boys on how to make reusable sanitary pads and period panties in 25 schools in our communities.
We now have 19 sewing machines but we still need another 6 more machines so that each school can each have a machine for their workshops.
In future each school will have at least 5 sewing machines.

Free Sanitary Pads for all girls

We want to establish kiosks from where our girls can access sanitary napkins and period panties for free.
If you'd like to help us to help George and the girls he is caring for, please let us know.
We think this is a very worthy and empowering cause to support these young women, promoting dignity and hygiene.

Please contact Trevor Krueger of Equal Ability Radio direct

Email: Trevor via: