Another great new team member - meet Rupert Palmer
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Another great new team member - meet Rupert Palmer


Big Ear Radio gets better and better

We are delighted to report that our search for talented Presenters is turning out to be very exciting and amazingly productive.

Meet Rupert Palmer, he's joined Big Ear Radio, to present his World Mix Radio Show, a superb smorgasbord of music selected from right around the World. He brings a variety of genres, which is exactly what we pride ourselves on delivering here at Big Ear, a variety of tracks many listeners would probably never get to hear if we didn't provide our platform to ensure they reach far beyond their countries of origin.

So who is Rupert?

Rupert Palmer is no stranger to radio, having learned his trade at several Hospital Radio stations in the south of the United Kingdom before moving onto Viking Radio, working under the wing of legendary broadcaster Tim Stewart. 

From there he was head-hunted to West Africa to manage Sierra Leone‚Äôs first privately run commercial radio station, ABC FM 94, hosting the flagship breakfast show broadcasting to an audience reach of over 1.5 million listeners. 

Rupert remains involved in all matters radio, whilst presenting his World Mix Radio Show.

We are very lucky to have him and delighted to welcome him to our team.